Customize your pool

You can’t always get what you want. But what if you could?

Lounge seats and seatings

Stainless steel pools give you the greatest freedom from a design perspective: do you prefer normal seats or lounge seats, where you can lie down and relax? Or maybe both?

Air massage and hydromassage

A hydromassage needs no introduction: it is ideal for an intense yet relaxing massage and helps you release your muscles. An air massage system offers instead a more delicate massage, with small bubbles caressing your skin, leaving you with a sense of calm and well-being.


Not only seatings: you can also design the inside of the pool by adding some stairs which gently lead you into the water

Spotlights and light effects

Imagine your pool at night, when spotlights and light effects colour the water creating a unique atmosphere.

Upstream swimming

For those who are not only looking for relaxation, there is also the option of installing the upstream swimming system. The water will move, allowing you to swim inside the pool (even in a smaller one).


Close your eyes and picture yourself soaking in your hydromassage hot tub whilst outside it’s freezing cold or snowing. What more could you want?

Bottle and glass-holders

or those who are looking for every possible comfort, why not sip a drink while soaking in your pool? Sometimes it’s just a matter of giving your day a twist.


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