Stainless Steel

Why choose it

Do you want the best product on the market? You’ve found it, and you’ll soon know why.

The material is AISI 316 Steel, a monocoque and self-supporting design, the safest and most reliable that one can find because it is flexible yet resistant.

You can be sure to benefit from a captivating design and an eye-catching material that perfectly complements any environment, being the pool inground or above ground, be it of a small or larger size, an infinity pool or even a skimmer pool. All of the above combined with the highest performance.

Thanks to the material, the daylight reflects itself on the surface of the water making it crystalline and varying its colour.

Aesthetics and state-of-the-art. The elegance of steel

Picture yourself in clear warm waters, sun-kissed and surrounded by tropical flora, relaxing with good music next to your partner. Caribbean? Brazil? Indonesia?

Not necessary. You could instead just be at your house, in the garden, on the balcony… or even in your loft, under the dimming lights of the LED, while enjoying a hydromassage at night. With our steel pools all of this becomes real: modern design, elegant style, glimmers of light shimmering on the water, relaxation and amusement at your fingertips.

If you are already wondering what colour you would like your pool to be – black, blue, grey or beige… – well try asking yourself this: what if the colour of the water would change according to the colour of the sky?

This happens in steel pools because, thanks to the material, the daylight reflects itself on the surface of the water making it crystalline and varying its colour according to the sunlight. And it will always be like that because steel pools do not fade or deteriorate. Yes, the shininess of a stainless steel pool remains unaltered over time, without the need for any restoration work.

Aquadeva – The pool of your dreams

Endurance and warranty over time. A diamond amongst the pools

If you thought that only a diamond was forever, you were wrong: even your pool could last forever.

Not only the beauty, but also the structure of a steel pool is timeless, since it will maintain its shine and bright appearance over the years, without deteriorating. Seasonal temperature variations, which could cause cracks and breakages or ruin the finishing in a variety of other products, do not pose a problem. Likewise, minor stresses and soil settlements do not have consequences, neither on the structure nor on the durability of the pool which won’t let a drop of water leak and will ensure a 100% impermeability. Stainless steel, in fact, is a resistant and durable material like no other.

Reliability, hygiene and maintenance.
An insurance for all

What’s the point in having something that lasts long if it then ends up causing problems? If seaweed or dirt worry you, fear not.

Pools with stainless steel walls are smooth and therefore more hygienic: without the porous finish of the more traditional mosaic and tile pools, and without clear cut corners, there won’t be areas that allow the deposit of dirt and debris, which will unlikely sit on the surface. These same features ensure a more efficient and easier cleaning process.

Furthermore, the maintenance process is much less demanding than for other more traditional options: stainless steel is corrosion-proof, so any water would not deteriorate the material, nor would it produce cracks.
And don’t forget that you’ll have complete peace of mind with regards to any possible water leakages.

Functionality and versatility. Perfect where you want it

Nobody wants the neighbours downstairs complaining about leakages or humidity on the ceiling, but who wouldn’t like a hot tub on the balcony, on the rooftop or on a mezzanine?

Thanks to the structure in stainless steel you can install a pool in one of these peculiar areas, without using sheaths or permeable screens that sooner or later would need to be replaced. The structure in steel, entirely welded, guarantees in fact a 100% impermeability, whilst the isolating layer of the pool prevents the formation of water build-up and humidity in the internal compartment, maintaining at the same time the water temperature stable. The steel pool, with its self-supporting structure and reinforced edges, does not need supporting walls: this way, not only can it be inbuilt into the ground, but it can be also be installed above ground. The reduced weight of these pools compared with traditional walled ones, allows you to position them in characteristic locations such as rooftops, or other places with limited building permits.

Artisanship and ‘MADE in Italy’. Designed for you and assembled by hand, one by one

We do not produce where we cannot guarantee the quality of our manufacturing processes. We do not commission the production to a third party.

Every pool is produced under our watchful eyes, manufactured with the aim of achieving the highest precision and aesthetic performance possible. The expert hands of our welders bring the pool to life, with care and thoroughness, using only certified-origin and certified-quality materials. Our pools have a single structure, a monocoque and self-supporting framework, and they are finished with smooth and satin welds that you will barely notice. Or perhaps you will, but just to say ‘Wow, it doesn’t even look welded!’

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