The pool of your dream

Inground or above ground pools

You choose! The pool can be built into the ground – outdoor pools generally in garden, whilst indoor in hotels, spas or your home – or it can be built above the ground, both outside or inside.

In both cases you will always benefit from the use of stainless steel which, putting aside the aesthetic and design, is the best material that you could get from a functional point of view.
Outdoor, the pool’s structure won’t be affected by the weather conditions, water corrosivity, thermal shocks or soil settlements.

You can say goodbye to cracks, leakages and to numerous renovation works for the deterioration of the coating: your pool will always remain the same. Indoor, you’ll have the same level security in a 100% rate impermeability. In addition you won’t need supporting walling or expensive building works to install it.

Skimmer or infinity edge pool

The filtration system, together with a chemical treatment, ensures the cleanliness of the water in the pool. The mechanism can be a skimmer or infinity edge.

In skimmer pools, the water level is always below the edge of the tank. The vents on the sides collect the water and they convey it towards the filter, from which it re-circulates. In infinity edge pools, the water reaches the maximum level and overflows. It then goes into the perimetral conduit and into the compensation tank: here it is collected by the pump which let it re-circulate through the filter. These systems not only differ from a functioning point of you, but also from an aesthetic perspective. An infinity edge pool is undoubtedly more elegant and fascinating: overflowing water gives you the feeling of being in a borderless swimming pool, turning it into a uniform mirror that merges with the surrounding environment.


We do not use PVC-coated and tightened steel panels which eventually get ruined and need to be renovated; we use AISI 316 stainless steel, a monocoque and self-supporting design, the safest and most reliable that one can find on the market.

For those who demand the best in design and aesthetic perspective, there is also the opportunity to mix steel and glass. Being the pool inground or above ground, be it of a small or larger size, an infinity pool or even a skimmer pool, you will surely benefit from a captivating design and an eye-catching material that perfectly complements any environment, and the water will be as bright and crystal clear as ever.


The pool can be adapted to any environment, thanks to the timeless beauty and the bright appearance of stainless steel.

Being it a farm building with wooden features and exposed brick, or a modern and minimal loft, thanks to its distinct colour steel always finds a way to adapt perfectly. Its versatility allows for the use of other materials – such as mosaics, ceramics, stone or marble – for a partial or total coverage of the pool. Combining these materials with a stainless steel finish will give a refined and classy touch to your pool.

Extras – Customize your pool


A hydromassage small hot-tub in the corner of your garden or loft, or a over-18 metre pool with upstream swimming?

Anyway you like it, we will make your dreams come true.


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